New Samsung Galaxy S5 coming in April, possibly with eye scanner

Samsung is eyeing an April release date for its upcoming Galaxy S5, and speaking of eye, it’s currently testing iris recognition technology that could be featured in the new handset which would be on par with Apple’s new fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5C and 5S.. The upcoming device is expected to have a new design and features to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5c and 5c smartphones.

Samsung also plans to change up the design of the Galaxy S5, mainly because consumers complained that the S4 resembled its predecessor — the Galaxy S3 — too closely.

The S5 will be paired with a new wearable device that will be an evolution of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

There’s also a chance Samsung will release a high-end and low-end version of the phone. The high-end model could have a metal casing while the low-end will still use plastic like all other Samsung’s phones


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