For non Yoruba speaking Nigerians, here is the English interpretation of #SarakiAudio ?

SARAKI AUDIO (Sorry for non Yoruba speaking, I will run the interpretations here below) ☝️

When I told you in my previous campaign that this rouges treat Nigeria as a a PLC, some of us think it’s an understatement.



“All that you have complained about tonight is on point, I can not find anything you have said that is not on point, you complained about empowerment”

“Let us agree that the last 3 and a half years, things have not been easy at all, I agree and accept things have not been easy at all, particularly in the area of empowerment”

“Before 2015 I have always tried to empower the youth and get you involved in appointments, but this time around as a result of what I call human factor, things have not been the same, I believe it is the will of God”

“When you all are complaining and you give example of Gegele and co and you compare it to what is happening now, I am sure you are asking yourself, what is happening? how come all of you struggling with me are not rewarded, it is unacceptable”

“What is the point of putting everything into the emergence of a government and we could not benefit anything from the government, you are asking yourself, what have you benefited”

“If you have not benefited personally in the last 3 and a half years, how do you go to market us, wont people ask you what you have benefited for yourself?

“It got to a stage that people will be making fund of you and asking you what you have benefited, but what is happening from Abuja, use me as an example, in 2015 I carried APC on my head around Nigeria”

“Hardly any state in Nigeria that I did not campaign for Buhari, up to the time of the election in 2015, out of 36 states I paid for the election of 30 states”

“Out of 36 states in Nigeria I funded Buhari campaign in 30 States, some states I paid 200 Million Naira, some 300 Million, some 400 Million, the only states I did not fund are South West States”

“Many times I will be calling my Banks to send money to fund elections across Nigeria for Buhari my thinking was that when we get elected, the next thing is that we will get majority of our people appointments”

“In fact I had already promised some of you here that you will either be MD of Federal agencies, either road maintenance, NIPDA (inaudible) even Nigerian Ports Authority, SUBEB and so on and so forth”

“I know if I put someone amongst you from Kwara even in the smallest Federal agencies, the contract you will sign out, 1Million, 2 Million, but for the first time that I have been in politics even speaker cant appoint a cleaner”

“I as President of the Senate I could not even appoint a cleaner not to talk of Board appointment, if you look at Executive positions I have nothing even after spending Billions for 3 and a half years, I am as angry as you are ”

“I am fighting Buhari because of you, if it because of me I wont fight, it is not easy to fight the federal government, the sufferings you are all going trough is because they did not fulfil our agenda”

“In 2018 I told you all I wont be going with APC but in the last one or 2 months that I left I have been doing a lot for you people, my politics is for all of you, I am just here to empower you all, dont mind the one who just bought form for 33M ”

“It was not my plan not to appoint you, when David Mark was Senate President, every confirmation he made for the President came with something, if they really love us now you will be empowered”

“In the past we they have a cut for Senate President and Speaker but not anymore, so we are no longer going with APC as soon as we joined PDP they called me National Leader when I lost election Atiku came to me immediately”

“Now we have seen the sign that if Atiku becomes President things will come to us, he told me I am the only one that can run his campaign, I know it is not easy for you all, but let me assure you things will be better”

“God see my “aniyan” (Arabic word) now in PDP they have brought us closer, how many people in Kwara did APC bring together in Kwara, now we will soon have power, today in APC they want us to go to Asiwaju Tinubu in Lagos”

“If I am the only one in PDP I will fight alone, my Father made Kwara and took Kwara to the top 10 in Nigeria and I also took Kwara to between number 1 to 3 in Nigerian politics and they now want us to bow to Lagos”

“In the coming election we will put Youth into power in Kwara, let us take Atunwa as he his, he will take care of you all, all those who contested against him are loyal but Atunwa will….. inaudible” (applause)

“When I was Governor I gave a lot of young people contract, they buy land etc and then empower others, I want to return you to the days of when I was Governor when you were all enjoying, Atiku will open things when we win election”

“You know as a leader I see things that followers dont see, when we followed Buhari we felt after spending money, we saw that he failed to reward us, so we said this Baba is not coming back, no money, no patronage all over Nigeria”

“Even with all the problem we have with Buhari the little cut I get I always send to Kwara but I can tell you that we had to design a method to make the little we have, they did not involve us in sharing”

“The only agenda APC have for Kwara is to fight Bukola Saraki , they favour Osun State with empowerment, for the remaining time of Buhari we will still get some things, we gave them list for FIIRS for 3 years they did not employ our list”

Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, said there were two options for me : *Either I get corrupted and I put my family in the Forbes list

*The Choices That We Make*

Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, said there were two options for me :

*Either I get corrupted and I put my family in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world* and leave my people with nothing.


*I serve my country, my people and let my country be in the list of the best ten economies in the world.*

I chose the second option.

*The ATIKULOOTERS said, “there were two options for us too, but the second option was already taken by the Singapore Prime Minister”*.

Very Unfortunate Indeed. ATIKULOOTED ?

Based on research, this puzzle over PMB certificate gets clearer.

It’s a pity that many Nigerians can no longer reason having been blinded or delusion with ethno-religious sentiment and hatred. While they spend fortune on data to upload or download fake materials, posting and sharing unverified posts, less attention is given to research.

I have read many comments on PMB recently acquired WAEC certificate and I can only conclude that many are actually educated but illiterate, walloping in their high level of ignorance while wailing in the ocean of bitterness and hatred thereby alluding it to hunger and poverty in the land.


A LIFE OF SERVICE is a book from Late Musa Yardua.

A life of service ‘ pg 27 late shehu yardua mentioned Buhari as his classmate

Here’s a class photo from Shehu Yaradua’s biography, called “Shehu Musa Yar’adua: A life of service”.


You may need to ask the following salient questions concerning the certification after which your eyes of understanding may be opened with the answers provided below, thereby making you to discuss intelligently with wisdom irrespective of your political lineage or belief

1. Is it possible to get another certificate to replace the lost one?

Answer : No

2. How come that WAEC presented another certificate to PMB?


WAEC never presented

another certificate to PMB but Attestation based on request.

3. What is the difference between attestation and certificate or Why Attestation instead of certificate?


Attestation is a validity of any result upon which a certificate can be issued or has been issued.

4. What happened to PMB original WAEC result?

Answer : Ask the Army headquarter ( IBB)

5. Why should WAEC issue him with attestation? Is it because he is the president?

Answer :

WAEC can issue anyone with attestation irrespective of the person background upon request by the individual and backed up with a police report and court affidavit.

6. How come the certificate looked new with recently taken passport photograph as displayed on the PMB WAEC CERTIFICATE?

Answer :

What was issued is not certificate but attestation which normally comes with an embossed recently taken passport photograph in accordance with the WAEC rules and regulations that guide the conduct of their examination and issuance of attestation which is most often referred to as CONFIRMATION OF RESULTS.


1. July 1961 sat the military recruitment exams and passed;

2. December 1961, presumably sat UCLES WASC exams;

3. April 1962 enrolled for 6mnths training at military school Kaduna

4. October 1962 completed 6mnths training at the military school Kaduna

5. October 1962 proceeded to Aldershot UK for 1 year officer training

“6. June 1962 UCLES released result of December 1961 WASC Exams

Gleaned from the net, UCLES conducted its WASC exams in December to avoid the July Oxford exams”

So, it’s clear that PMB joined the army in April 1962 when he was still expecting his WASC result

I believe that with this enlightenment, many will stop making mockery of their ignorance.

Thank you.

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